The boxes I make are inspired by those made by the Shakers, who established a number of prosperous religious communities in the Eastern United States in the late 18th Century.


The Shakers used these boxes to store herbs, seeds, sewing notions, and other small items. They also made these boxes to sell to the outside world. The boxes were economical to build and stored easily, because you could nest a whole set of them in the space of one.


The process I use is the same as used by the Shakers. Steaming makes the wood flexible enough to bend around a form which is then fastened with copper tacks. The bottoms and tops are carefully fitted and secured with wooden pegs. Often painted by the Shakers, I apply several coats of hand-rubbed Tung Oil for a protective coat or a sprayed on lacquer, which allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through.


The Shakers used whatever wood was readily available for their boxes. I use a variety of hardwoods, with interesting grain & color, as well as exotic woods adding an exciting visual contrast to the simple Shaker design.


I also make other sizes and shapes of boxes, bird houses, clocks and small furniture.